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A study of how simple product wayfinding can create shared value for both WALMART, it's consumers, and the planet.

By Jessica Schoeman

Brief: The EY Future Consumer Index shows consumers will increasingly support brands that align with values aimed at sustainability in the year ahead. Your client would like you to develop a store concept design that will show consumers their sustainable practices, initiatives, and values.

Time: You will have up to 3 hours to prepare your presentation. Presentations are to be kept to 3 min max. with 5 min of review each.

Rules: Presentation can include the following: Images, Wording, Research, Space planning, Renders, FFE, Finishes.

In this study, I focused on 3 key statistics from the EY Future Consumer Index. 1. 84% of consumers say sustainability is important when making purchased, but 47% say COST is an inhibiting factor. 2. 80% of consumers believe in more TRANSPARENCY from large brands regarding sustainability practices. 3. 61% of consumers want MORE INFORMATION to help make better, more sustainable choices.

Walmart's signage and wayfinding implementation is a key element that guides consumers to product types, price-points and locations. It also offers value to the customer as a node of information during the shopping experience. We opted for a simple and straightforward graphics package applied to existing gondola/endcaps as a first step to addressing the key statistics highlighted above.

These elements can then be further developed to suit brand identity and used across platforms to provide consumers with an omnichannel experience. The three key categories selected are COST conscious, HEALTH focused, PLANET first and are highlighted using simple icons.

The concept is one that can easily be adopted into the current marketing campaign and applied at a variety of stores. It allows the consumer to choose what option suits them best whether it be cost conscious products or products that have the lowest environmental impact. This application can be seamlessly implemented while not interrupting the consumers well-engrained shopping habits.

With this approach, Walmart can maintain existing layouts, materials, and equipment while simply producing new inserts for various gondola and endcap fixtures. This concept doesn't interfere with existing shopping practices and allows for a more informative and transparent experience all while giving the power to the consumer to choose which impact is most important to them. What's good for the company can also be what's good for both the customer and the planet.


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