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Pallasite Ventures

vancouver / interior design

Located above Granville Market and overlooking False Creek, this space was formed to provide a sanctuary for our client and a different approach to the workplace environment.


This venture capital office has a shared open space to work, meet, gather, and dine, and is meant to be used without the typical structured work formalities. Even the ‘corner private office’ idea was purged to make way for more social spaces and lounging alcoves to bunker down in. The standout space of the office has a raised platform where one can enjoy the view of the bridge and harbour from the comfort of an original Eames lounge chair, the clients’ favorite item.

Working within the budget, we chose a simple approach to finishes allowing the focus to be on the unique selection of furniture which aligned with the client’s appreciating for Mid-Century Modern style and the addition of art curated from a local art gallery. The result is an office filled with personal tastes and a level of informality that brings the feelings of home to the workplace.

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