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By embracing boundaries, we as designers are able to capture free thinking innovation to solve our clients goals without getting lost in endless possibilities.

It's funny that most times we find ourselves dreading rules and boundaries, especially in the creative process. Yet as designers we are constantly surrounded by them. These can be the project budget, schedule, building codes and more, and yet we are all able to create such incredibly versatile creative work even though they are seen as obstacles.

Artist Loris Cecchini

A good exercise for getting our creative juices flowing and developing creativity is to practice using boundaries to our advantage by letting them hone and refine or work. This is a common exercise in design schools that is worth reflecting on.

Start by defining your canvas, your workspace, your wall. Put in place a few rules to be used as tools in shaping your work. The idea is that by working within these limitations you will find a composition harmonious to your goals. You can set a rule for the types of line you draw, weight of that line or it’s continuity. Rules for which shapes you can use, rhythm, colour palate etc. If you are working on a specific project trying to find the right composition, set rules that will work with the project’s concept.


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