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our process

Commitment to solution allows us to deliver visceral designs enabling a rich customer experience which otherwise would be unattainable. At c8studios we Think Like Owners and thus our commitment to understanding the needs of the Owner in creating a design focused on functional and profitable spaces differentiates us from other design firms. Whether it is through the complex budgeting process, managing the jurisdictional authorities or simply making recommendations for the betterment of the project, c8studios goal is to preserve the goals of the Owner throughout the process.


we actively listen

We listen to what our clients and their clients are asking for. Success in finding effective design solutions begins with listening. When you listen, you learn what people are really looking for, what their dreams and visions are. The result is design that respects and reflects the core values and goals of our clients.

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we encourage speaking freely

We want our clients to feel comfortable in communicating with us. To know they can always express their thoughts and ideas to us. There are times during the course of a project when the need to have a candid conversation arises. At times like these we like to use what we refer to as “permission to speak freely”. This allows each party to speak their minds in an effort to establish better communication and understanding. Permission to speak freely allows both parties to come to an understanding of what is best for the project.​

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