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How to attract customers back to in-person shopping

With online shopping taking a large portion of sales, how do retailors and department stores get people back to the stores? What possible solutions can designers bring to integrate online shopping as part of the in-person experience?

That is the big question of the retail world right now. While most customers shop in-person and online there is still a need to make the experience more seamless. In terms of traffic to stores there seems to be less maintenance shopping, as a customer can do replenishment online. There be more intentional shopping and creating more quality services and more events could give shoppers a reason to come to the store.

These days to get people out of the comfort of their home you need to offer more than the product itself.


Your client, a large department store is looking at more in-store services, more food options, more events… all things to drive the experience vs being at home on our phones

Your challenge is to develop an experiential concept that will be incorporated in one of Hudson’s Bay’s departments as a fixed display or pop-up. You will need to choose a department and come up with a plan on how to attract customers for an experience that is more then retail shopping. You can design a whole new area/section in the department, or a single display element, as long as the solution is there.

Take the time to tour the store, take photos & measurements and then make your way back to the office, where you will have time to prepare your presentation, with a hard stop at 4pm for presenting. You will all have up to 10 minutes to present.

Some tips:

- Manage your time in advance; how long are you dedicating to planning and design, how long to

format the presentation and how long to practice your pitch.

- Think about the brands they carry, maybe it’s a collaboration.

- What is the experience? Who is operating the experience?

- How will it create a buzz or lineup?

- How will it perform for a long duration? Or is it meant to be a pop/up

- Think big, think crazy, think out of the box.

Follow our blog to see the design team's results for the challenge.


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