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coquitlam / interior design, graphics, and wayfinding

This new Save-On-Food flagship marketspace was designed in collaboration with Save-On-Foods’ highly engaged store planners. The focus was to elevate the grocery shopping experience and convey their vision for their ‘store of the future’.

Each department in the middle of the store are delineated into their own unique ‘service islands’. We emphasized these islands with suspended ceilings, distinct LED neon signage on a mesh screen announcing the department, and personalized finishes. Another element used is the circular blade signage with simple graphics linking back to the iconic circular green button on the company logo. These tablets are provided for every major department acting as beacons for customers to better navigate the store.

Services at the edge of the store are also personalized. Each department was distinguished by deliberately massing-out bulkheads at various levels and depths with their own uniquely designed wood slat patterns, personalized finishes, and custom signs to indicate what is offered below.

This resulted in a design that gives the sense of a marketplace, with separate vendors combined and unified under one store.

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