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Connect Hearing-Sonova
Head Office

conceptual work / victoria / 7685sf / interior design and graphics

Connect Hearing-Sonova’s head office was suffering from acoustical issues due to its unique architecture and existing design. The company’s mission is to connect people to the world through sound, yet in their head office the exact opposite seemed to be the case. Situated in a historical Edwardian Renaissance-style building, the base materials include brick walls, exposed steel structure and open ceilings. Add to that the vast use of glass partitions as well as exposed HVAC systems, and you get a reverberating space. Sound was unmistakably the problem and the solution all at once.

Taking inspiration from the inherent elements of sound became a key driver in the concepts and gestures used within the design. Vibration, movement, and malleability were translated to curved forms, flowing circulation paths, and flexible, dual-function zones. Combining elements such as softer lounge seating, fixed and mobile partitions, and thoughtful material specifications including P.E.T. felt became a must within the project scope. Merging the company’s core goals and values with intuitive design solutions, Connect Hearing-Sonova’s head office now offers a flexible, collaborative and acoustically pleasing environment for all its team members.

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