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The Stage - Creative and Interactive pop-up and event space for brands to introduce and feature upcoming products.


Your client, a large department store is looking at more in-store services, more food options, more events… all things to drive the experience vs being at home on our phones

Your challenge is to develop an experiential concept that will be incorporated in one of Hudson’s Bay’s departments as a fixed display or pop-up. You will need to choose a department and come up with a plan on how to attract customers for an experience that is more then retail shopping. You can design a whole new area/section in the department, or a single display element, as long as the solution is there.

Take the time to tour the store, take photos & measurements and then make your way back to the office, where you will have time to prepare your presentation, with a hard stop at 4pm for presenting. You will all have up to 10 minutes to present.


The stage would be an event space and pop-up space, where brands are invited to feature upcoming products. The products will be showcased not only to repeat clients, but introduce to the foot traffic within the store. It will be a space of creativity with interactive elements to entice the guests. The allocated space within the department store will be divided to 3 parts.


A space showcasing the inspiration for the product. Inviting guests to experience the products from inception and creation, allowing them to conjure deeper appreciation for the minds behind the finished product. This will also give the guests understanding about the process, materials, and ingredients used to create the product. This could be a space that features a WOW element to capture the attention of guests and passersby. Brands are encouraged to be bold and creative. Strict design guidelines would be adhered.


This is the play space. Encounter area will be the space for clients to have fun and let loose. Brands are encouraged to provide elements that the guests can utilize for their social media networks and thus creating more reach and buzz for the brand.


The social space. A space within the event where the brands can provide areas for customers to mingling with brand advisors. An area where a marketing event will be held, holding soirees or live demonstrations of the featured product. This will also be the retail area, where guests can purchase the products


Boy De Chanel is a new product line by Chanel beauty that focuses on men skincare, make-up and fragrance. The stage would be the venue for the launch where Chanel creates a modern magical wonderland for it’s clients.

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