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Lauren Lounge - Glamorous and intoxicating red carpet event for consumers. Indulge in a social event while creating social content in a space taking inspiration from the backdrop of a Ralph Lauren catalogue.


Your client, a large department store is looking at more in-store services, more food options, more events… all things to drive the experience vs being at home on our phones

Your challenge is to develop an experiential concept that will be incorporated in one of Hudson’s Bay’s departments as a fixed display or pop-up. You will need to choose a department and come up with a plan on how to attract customers for an experience that is more then retail shopping. You can design a whole new area/section in the department, or a single display element, as long as the solution is there.

Take the time to tour the store, take photos & measurements and then make your way back to the office, where you will have time to prepare your presentation, with a hard stop at 4pm for presenting. You will all have up to 10 minutes to present.


The idea is to provide a glamorous and intoxicating red carpet event for consumers. They pick out an outfit off the rack and indulge in a social event while creating social content in a space taking inspiration from the backdrop of a Ralph Lauren catalogue.



This space emulates the feeling of importance a red carpet has to offer at premieres or annual events like the met gala. Contrary to those events, the outfit is picked impromptu while walking the carpet. The smokey wood millwork displays form a gallery of clothes for the entire run of carpet leading to the change rooms.


Equally important to the red carpet, the photoshoot is what makes it feel real. Newly changed guests then become the main event with a photoshoot. The backdrop changes per event creating dynamic but recognizable social media content.


This space is where guests get to feel how it is to live within ralph clothing. Envisioned to be a smokey cigar lounge with young ritzy energy the design is intended to make use of the grand volumes and heritage design some long-established Bay locations have.


Connected to the lounge space is the only fixed piece of millwork in the plan, the bar. Intended to resemble one ripped straight from an exclusive club, it cements itself between existing columns and uses the windows as liquor shelves. Next to it is the checkout where when exiting guests can decide to purchase the clothes they just experienced a good time in.


The Ralph Lauren Lounge Event is a popup designed to engage guests and let them live in the spotlight while wearing the clothes in a backdrop similar to one from their catalogue.


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