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How we keep our creative juices flowing

As designers our day-to-day routine varies from week to week and depends on the type of projects we're working on and their schedules. Sometimes we might get a few weeks where most of the projects are in Contract Drawings and Contract Administration phases and there are only a few that are in the initial Conceptual Design phase. On weeks such as these, we like to keep on our toes and warm up our creative brain cells by taking part of a Design Challenge.

This is an exercise built to challenge the way we think by forcing short timelines and specific set of rules. Each challenge is set up in a similar way where the designers will have about 3 hours to produce a presentation around a chosen topic. The brief could be built around a topic that interest us, or focus on specific design skills that we want to master as; pitching & presenting, space planning, conceptualizing etc.

These challenges teach us about what kind of designers we are, they show us our strengths and weaknesses and as stressful as they might be, they are also supper fun.

We would love to share some of the results with the world, and welcome constructive feedback, so keep your eye out for Blog Posts.


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