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Urban Fare, Lelem Village

Lelem Village, UBC / interior design, graphics, and wayfinding

The curation of the various forms, colours, and materials in this Urban Fare location was influenced by tapestries woven by Musqueam Weavers. The meeting of angular interlocking fibers in these stunning pieces inspired the adoption of the Chevron motif as a prevalent form in the store’s design. Ceilings along the perimeter were dropped in varying heights to distinguish departments from one another without the need for department signage, while pitched suspended ceilings were introduced along a main path to provide a sculptural quality to the volume of this space. The use of wood and earthy materials are paired with warm and neutral tones to purposefully direct the focus towards the merchandise. These design elements are contrasted by ceramic tiles with quilt like qualities in texture and pattern, to create a more playful visual backdrop for the products on display.

A new restaurant concept by the Pattison Food Group, Wildlight, is integrated adjacent to the market and uses the same design language, is successful in being its own entity.

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