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Wildlight Restaurant and Bar

Lelem Village, UBC / interior design, graphics, wayfinding

Wildlight has been featured in Michelin Vancouver 2023 guide

Loosely inspired by the bounding forest of Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Wildlight was designed to have a warm and inviting atmosphere through the use of soft color palettes, natural tones, and rich textures. This also invites the architecture of the building to be a part of the design language, allowing the rhythm and the warmth of the exposed glulam beams to punctuate the volume of the space. There is a purposeful reliance on the inherent beauty of the applied materials, which is evident through the generous use of various wood, glass, and metallic materials. These elements were accentuated with bold ceramic tiles with graphic qualities in style and form to create moments of intrigue and delight, while the use of various eclectic and dynamic lighting elements imbue a sense of liveliness and energy to the space.

The restaurant is partitioned from the Urban Fare Market through a sculptural barrier with transparent cut outs, providing a visual connection between both spaces.

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