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SAMSUNG portrays their environmental responsibilities through eternal forms and innovative technology at a pop-up product launch.

By Netali Goren

Brief: The EY Future Consumer Index shows consumers will increasingly support brands that align with values aimed at sustainability in the year ahead. Your client would like you to develop a store concept design that will show consumers their sustainable practices, initiatives, and values.

Time: You will have up to 3 hours to prepare your presentation. Presentations are to be kept to 3 min max. with 5 min of review each

Rules: Presentation can include the following: Images, Wording, Research, Space planning, Renders, FFE, Finishes.

In Samsung’s mission and value statement they state commitment to becoming a socially and environmentally responsible corporate. Through innovative technology they strive to make better products in fewer resources and find ways to re-use waste and end-of-life products. Along their production and value chain they use eco conscious products, run upcycling programs and recycle materials.

Our proposal is to introduce these values through an experiential store, for their next mobile product launch. We will demonstrate the products’ life cycle, your innovative technologies, and your approach to upcycling by experimenting and recycling end-of-life products to create new materials from waste which will be applied in the space as wall tiles, flooring, display etc. This is an endless process, by converting new to old and old to new we achieve continuity and eternity, and the notion of No-End-Life.

Portraying that eternal sense through the spatial dimension is a spiral structure which draws the users in and gives the feeling of an endless maze. At the centre of the spiral, Samsung’s latest technology will be displayed on a sculpted pedestal made of the new developed materials in their various manufacturing forms.

Visual cues guide the users through the space towards the centre. Gradient hues and strips of light pull the users to the brightest point in the space. The light dimes down and the hues darken towards the exit signaling the way out.


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