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How VICTORIA'S SECRET can be molded by its customer base into a sustainable clothing creator.

By Paul Charowsky

Brief: The EY Future Consumer Index shows consumers will increasingly support brands that align with values aimed at sustainability in the year ahead. Your client would like you to develop a store concept design that will show consumers their sustainable practices, initiatives, and values.

Time: You will have up to 3 hours to prepare your presentation. Presentations are to be kept to 3 min max. with 5 min of review each

Rules: Presentation can include the following: Images, Wording, Research, Space planning, Renders, FFE, Finishes.

Victoria's Secret 'living modular store' concept is a direct reflection of consumer’s habits. The idea is a result of addressing two of the higher percentage stats from EY Future Consumer Index we were given as a start. 73% of consumers believe that companies need to take an initiative for a sustainable future and 55% of consumers believe they should force them to. This store will put consumers in control and by purchasing more sustainable fabrics they will steer the company to becoming more sustainable and altering their local Victoria's Secret store.

The store is divided into sections by fabric type. Each section will feature fixtures and furniture using that material either as a fabric or in its original form and the design will draw inspiration from its local origin. The example given below, is the Lyocell section whose section elements will be made from its own fabric and draw inspiration from the eucalyptus tree and Australia, its plant and country of origin.

below: example of store layout divided by fabric type

below: example of fabric type inspiration

Consumers will be able to “vote” for a section to grow or reduce in size by purchasing items from that area, which will also affect how many garments Victoria's Secret produces in that section’s fabric. Each section will also have a donation bin that will tell the consumer how many new garments can be made from their donation and because some fabrics will be more recyclable than others this will influence the consumers choice of their preferred fabric.

below: each square in the slides represents how much space each section physically takes up in a store and is related to how many garments Victoria's Secret actually produces with that fabric

The 55% of consumers who believe they should force companies to become more sustainable will steer the company’s fabric choices to be their preferred sustainable fabric while physically altering the appearance of their local store.


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